There are more than 10 different attractions currently at Flip N Fly Wilmington, with over 28,000 sq. ft of space to keep you busy you will never have an idle moment.

Mon-Thur 10am-8pmFri-Sat 10am-10pmSunday 11am-7pm

Freestyle Court

Shock Trampoline Systems ensure that all fun had at Flip N Fly are backed by the safest trampoline park system in the world, whether you're soaring through the air or landing in a foam pit, the priority is always the same, your safety.


With the amount of real estate our large facility provides there is plenty of track to build up speed and show off your moves on these spring loaded runways.

Kids Court

Let the little ones enjoy their time at their very own court. It's open all the time but for the best value try to schedule around our Jump With Me times. See the SPECIALS page for more info.

professional ninja course

Start training to be the next American Ninja Warrior without having to build a setup that is going to be an eyesore to the neighbors.

battle beam

American Gladiators did it first, but they aren't around anymore. So pay homage to a cable classic and challenge your friends to a joust!

slack line

Time to live out your dreams as a member of the Ringling Brothers and see if you have what it takes to walk a tight rope. Don't worry if you fall our foam-pit will save you.

dunk hoops

Who needs to drive all the way to Charlotte when they can come to Flip N Fly to see the most amazing dunks East of the Mississippi? Set up teams, the Flips vs the Flies.


Ah the high school classic, except now you can fly and if you fall it won't hurt. All of the advantages of this classic without the pain of being picked last.

aerial silks and lyra

Cirque du'Soleil talent scouts are going to be seeing you soon once you get enough practice on these.

olympic trampolines

2024 isn't that far away, start training now for your gold medals in Paris! America needs you!

trampolines into foam pits

PB & J, Bonnie & Clyde, and of course Trampolines & Foam Pits, an instant classic.


After your amazing set on the slack lines it's time to take it to the Trapeze, every Circus Ringmaster is going to want you on their roster stat!


The classic swing, often overlooked but always appreciated, don't forget to bring someone to push you!

Stunt Air-Bag

Falling has never been so much fun, come show off your moves and experience what falling with style feels like.


Take a break from the trampolines and enjoy some arcade classics.


No need to leave behind all the fun to refuel! Jump on into the FlipnFly cafe and you will find everything you need to keep your body fueled for a full day of energy!